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  • We did a serious drop test on the iPad case. Three flights of stairs straight to concrete and only one corner broke. So we think the case is pretty durable. Most of our real drops would be may 3-5 ft.

    ~ Mike L., Jacksonville, FL

  • [A G6 test case was] on one of the IPADs, someone accidentally dropped it. It was so loud, that we all just knew that the screen was shattered and NOPE IT WASN’T…

    ~ Charleene S., West Melbourne, FL

  • Our order arrived today!! And it is awesome!!! The cases look amazing! I know we will be ordering more in the future! Thanks so much!!!

    ~ Erika S., Burr Ridge, IL

  • The iPad covers are fantastic! They do, indeed, fit perfectly in the Bretford charging machines, and we love the fun colors! We needed to take some precautions before handing just handing them to students (*crash*) and it’s clear that they will be well protected in your lovely sleek, yet sturdy, covers.

    ~ Janna R., Newark, DE