ISTE 2018 - Top Questions About Laptop & Chromebook Bags for Schools

Posted on July 10 2018

We had a great turnout at ISTE 2018 in Chicago this year. Almost 3,000 people came by our booth in the three days of the expo.

We wanted to do a quick recap and share with you the top questions we got asked about our laptop and Chromebook bags. We answered the top 5 questions in this video. 

ISTE 2018 Top 5 Questions About Laptop Bags

Q - Our number one problem is cracked screens on Chromebooks. How can I keep that from happening?

A - Our 3rd Generation cases have a lightweight aluminum composite board called AlumiShield embedded in the bag. This protects the screen of the device. You can see a Drop Test Video here.


Q - What type of warranty does the bag come with?

A - We provide a 3-year warranty on the entire bag, and lifetime warranty on the PERFECT FIT™ Velcro corner pads.


Q - Can the bags be customized with school logo?

A - Yes, we offer a full-color embroidery option.


Q - Can we fit the bag in a charging car?

A - Yes, our G3 Slim bag is ~1.625” thick and will fit in most charging carts.


Q - Can the device be charged while in the bag?

A - Yes, the double-zipper on the bag allows the charging cord to pass through and charge the laptop while it’s in the bag.


Q - the case we’ve been using doesn’t protect the corners of the laptop well. How is yours better?

A - Some always-in models from other manufacturers tend to push the laptop to the outside corners putting them in danger. Our case has adjustable Velcro corners and it keeps the chromebook away from the corners of the case and protects the device better.


Q - Can you put alumishield on both sides of the case?

A - No we only put AlumiShield on the side where it protects the screen. The bottom of the Chromebooks are not likely to be damaged and it would block the clear asset tracking window if we put it there.


Q - We don’t want students taking the charger home or over-stuffing their laptop bags.

A - We offer the “slim” model of our bag without the accessory pouch but also includes AlumiShield

Q - Can I get the bag made all in a red color? We color code them so we can spot a student leaving with a laptop bag.

A - With a minimum order of 1000 units and ~12 weeks lead time, we can customize the bags to your color specifications.


Q - What happens if the Velcro wears out or the kids cut the corner?

A- We offer a lifetime guarantee on the corners in addition to the 3-year warranty on the bag itself.


Q - Can the AlumiShield be taken out?

A - On the latest versions, the AlumiShield is sewn in and not removable.


Q - Do you offer a case for the Yoga Chromebook?

A - Not at this time. 

Thank you again and let us know if you have any other questions.





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