Top 5 iPad Case Questions from ISTE 2018

Posted on July 17 2018

Another popular product we brought to ISTE 2018 in Chicago this year was our 6th Generation iPad Case. This rugged drop-proof case protects the 6th Generation iPad (2018) and the 5th Generation iPad (2017).

We wanted to do a quick recap and share with you the top questions we got asked about our iPad Case. 

ISTE 2018 Top 5 Questions About iPad Cases

Q – What type of drop protection does the case offer?

A – We’ve tried throwing the case out of a second story window to a concrete driveway, and it protected the iPad without any damage.


Q - Can you customize it?

A - We can customize it with a durable laminated sticker that fits on the kickstand or a sticker on the iPad itself under one of the clear asset tag windows.


Q – Can I order a mix of different colors, e.g. different color for each grade?

A – Yes, you can choose from 8 standard colors and receive quantity discount based on the combined total quantity.


Q - Do your cases have a screen protector?

A - Yes our G6 case has a screen protector built in. For more durable protection we also offer a hard cover.


Q - Does your case work with the Apple Pencil for the 6th Generation (2018) iPad?

A - Our case fits the 6th Generation iPad and the screen protector does not interfere with the use of the Apple Pencil. Our case does not have a place to store the Apple Pencil though. We are actively investigating this for the next version case but do not have a release date yet.


Q - Do you offer this design for Kindle or the new Google Acer Chromebook Tab 10 tablet?

A - not at this time.


Q- What happens when the kids, or the adults, break the kickstand?

A - We can send you out a replacement kickstand at no charge. You simply pop in the new one into the case you you don’t even have to remove the iPad from the case.


Q - We have to take the device out of the case to see the barcode or track inventory. It’s a pain.

A - We have two clear windows so you can label the device and not the case. Kids can’t pick off the sticker and you don’t have to remove the iPad from the case.


Q - Can I make my own labels for your case?

A - Yes we recommend the Avery 5452 Label. They are sized perfectly for the asset tracking window at 1.5” x 4” and have removable adhesive to make repositioning them easy. The stickers go on the iPad itself so you don’t have to worry about the kids removing them.


Q - What is the difference between your case and an Otterbox?

A- Our cases are designed with schools in mind. They are not waterproof but are drop-proof, and don’t have little flaps on all the ports that get in the way. They also have clear asset tracking windows, a replaceable kickstand built-in and fit in charging carts. They are also more affordable.

Thank you again and let us know if you have any other questions.


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