Wired iPad Keyboards for Schools at ASCD 2017

Posted on October 29 2017

The ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership October 27–29, 2017 in Orlando (Kissimmee), FL was Hitek's second trade show of 2017. We took this opportunity to show out Wired iPad Keyboards designed with students and schools in mind. 

The ASCD was a great way to let customers from all of the world explore our products designed for K-12 schools. Although we weren't selling products at the show, we had some teachers from the Philippines that simply would not say no. They purchased some of our Always-In Chromebook Bags at the event so they could fly home with them.

Many people stopped by our booth to try out the Wired iPad Keyboards. Most were impressed by the great touch typing feel and all we happy to see how easy they are to setup in a room with multiple devices. It is literally just plug-and-play with each keyboard only controlling the exact iPad it's connected too. We even had a few customers that wanted to know if we carried the older style 30-pin connector for the Wired Keyboard for iPad and we reassured them that we did.





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