High Capacity Power Bank



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High capacity portable chargers with 10,000 mAh and 20,000 mAh respectively, able to extend battery life of iPads and any other USB powered devices. UL approved lithium polymer battery with sophisticated charging circuitry allowing dual output, dual input, as well as overloaded protection. Premium anodized aluminum finish in silver, gold, and black.

  • High output for charging multiple devices at once, up to 3A
  • SMART circuitry provides optimized charging for all devices
  • One quick charging output port for newer devices (3 -12V)
  • Auto power on when mobile device is plugged in
  • Dual charging ports, use either micro USB, Apple Lightning or both
  • Fast charging of power bank by using both inputs at once
  • Does not auto-shut off with low amp devices, trickle charge time lapse cameras, bluetooth earbuds or USB lights
  • 20,000 mAh capacity provides almost 7 full charges for iPhone X, and can even recharge the largest 12.9 iPad Pro
  • Four-level LED indicator shows charging status and capacity
  • Push button for instant display of battery capacity
  • High quality anodized aluminum enclosure
  • Custom laser etched graphics, optional
  • Q10 dimensions: 3.75"x2.7"x0.9" and 9oz.
  • Q20 dimensions: 6.38"x2.7"x0.9" and 17oz.

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